5 easy ways to practice your German vocabulary

German is a language that cannot be taken for granted. Spoken by about 90 million people worldwide, the language has an authentic touch to it and attracts thousands of people to learn the language and attain proficiency in the same.

The language, however, is not a piece of cake at first. It is quite difficult to learn, because of its challenging vocabulary. With the best German Language Institute in Delhi, you can also be a pro at the language, and flaunt it in front of your peers with utmost ease.

Research shows that you need at least 1300 words to understand about 85% of the German texts. We are here to answer your question of “how to improve German vocabulary”. To have fluency in the language, you need to build your word power, with these five steps:

  1. Collect

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    When you start with the process, collect some German vocabulary. Since the German language is moldable to a certain extent, you may come across some bogus words that would confuse you. Also, there are words that you need to pronounce correctly, to save you from embarrassment.

  2. Translate

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    Now that you have a word bank, look for meanings of those words and memorize them. Take up a few words daily, find out their meanings and understand them instead of doing ratification. Do not learn all words in a single day, as you will forget them the next day.

  3. Process

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    Having learned new words, it’s time that you incorporate them into your life. Make flashcards, try to use those words into sentences, and also keep a track of what you’ve learned so far. You can’t retain words until you use them in your study material.

  4. Practice

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    You cannot learn German vocabulary overnight. You need to practice and practice and again practice to be fluent in the language. In order to have proficiency, practice the new words regularly, rather than keeping the whole lot till the weekend to revise. A daily German vocabulary practice is what will keep you going.

  5. Repeat

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    If you learn just five words daily, you can have a word bank of 150 words in just one month! All you need to do is repeat what you’re doing, as it is the best way to learn German. Repeat the above stated four steps and you will have a good word power by constant and religious practice, in a matter of months.

    To be an efficient learner, follow these quick tips:

  • Keep a notebook handy, so that you can always be open to learning outside books, and note anything that you feel is worth taking into consideration. Whether it is a new German word, a new song, a German greeting; feel free to learn.
  • Buy a German dictionary. Available in small-sized and paperback editions, the best German dictionaries are not heavy on your bag and are an instant help to answer your queries and enhance your curiosity.
  • Read German books. Start with children’s stories and then slowly move on to the intermediate level when you feel confident enough.
  • Always revise before bedtime. Research shows that if you revise something before going to sleep, you remember most of it the next morning. So make use of this fact and always revise.


Now that you have all tips and steps for learning the German language, you are all set to converse in German, after rigorous practice and a lot of hard work. In addition to enrolling in the best German language course in cp, do a lot of homework to be a perfectionist in the language, opening doors to a host of opportunities.

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