Some Untranslatable German Words you Need to Know Now

Some Untranslatable German Words you Need to Know Now

One of the most captivating parts of learning a new language is all of the interesting, quirky, fresh and new vocabularies that come along with it, and the same happens with the German language. Once you go exploring the German language, you will find that there are many words in the German language, which are waiting to be discovered and many terms and phrases which are exist, unknowingly for a better.

By looking at its worth, the majority of the students reach out to the best German Language Course in Delhi to polish their fluency in the German language. If you are willingly in a search to discover the new vocabulary of the German language, find the below pointers:

  1. Weltschmerz

The literal meaning of this term is feeling of sentimental sadness or pessimism which comes with a sense of knowing that the world is going to make you feel low no matter what and you cannot do anything to stop it. It usually refers to the state when we feel sad at any point in life.

  1. Schwarmerei 

The literal meaning of this word is excessive and unbridled enthusiasm and emotion. The word comes from the German verb schwärmen, which means to swarm. When the word Schwarmerei first appeared in German as a noun, it referred to the furious activity of bees swarming. As time went by, both the word schwärmen and Schwarmerei came to refer to any enthusiastic activity or feeling.

  1. Luftschloss 

The English word of Luftschloss is ‘’ delusion of grandeur’’. It is used when someone needs to describe one as a daydreamer in a more negative way. It is usually used to describe someone who needs a reality check and be brought back down to reality.

  1. Frühjahrsmüdigkeit

The word literally means ‘spring fatigue’ which is given to the temporary moody and physical condition to the people living in the northern hemisphere between mid-March to mid-April. As it is a stated fact that during this time period, people experience a state of low energy and exhaustion.

  1. Backpfeifengesicht

The literal translation of the word is ‘cheek’ which is generally used with prefix ohrfeige, which means ‘’bitch slapping’’. German use these words to describe someone who they think need to be slapped in their face. This word is also used when someone thinks that a face needs to slap as hard as possible.

  1. Erbsenzähler

The exact translation of this word is ‘someone who is fixated on the details and a bit of a control freak. The expression is also used for someone who literally counts their peas. German people refer this term to someone who is mean and does not want to spend money on anything

In Conclusion 

Without an iota of doubt, the German language is the most enriching language in the world. The deeper you drown into the details of the German language, the more interesting the language will look to you. The aforesaid words are some unusual words of the German language which have no translation in English. Majority of the students grasp the German language by opting for the Best German Language School in Delhi to speed up their language learning journey and by the end of it they will become more familiar with the language.

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