The Best Language to Learn After English

The best language to learn after English

If you are proficient in English, it is time that you broaden your horizons and take up a second language to learn. But what will that second language be? Is it Spanish? Is it German? Is it French? There must have been a storm going on in your mind to decide as to what you should learn as a second language.

But you know what? It’s very easy to pick that one language. We have the right set of questions that you need to ask yourself while choosing the right language to learn.

How will you be using the language?

This question is the most important one as it decides your objective of learning the language. Do you need it for travelling purposes? Do you need it for the purpose of attaining education or working abroad? Do you wish to enhance your job opportunities with the language? If you need the language for traveling, learn the language of the country you’re traveling to. If you are learning the language in order to enhance your work profile, then consider the language requirements of the company that you work for.

What are the resources that you have?

If you are planning to learn German if you live in China, you’re going to have a hard time. So you need to decide what sources you have at your disposal to help you with the learning process. For example, if you have a colleague who speaks fluent German, then learning the language wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Now that you have taken all the factors into consideration, we have your question answered. Have a look:

Making more money

If you wish to make money out of the knowledge of the language that you have learnt, there are plenty of options. But out of those very options, one language that stands out to be the most profitable is German. German is one of the top 5 languages to learn for international business. So you can learn German with the best resources at hand and make big money.

Ease of learning

When it comes to the easiest languages to learn, there is a tie between two languages that have their own benefits. When you know the winner between German vs. Spanish, you are good to go. Both the languages have similarities with English in terms of vocabulary and grammar. So all you need to do is filter your choices.


Don’t learn a language on a random basis. Remember that there is a purpose behind learning any language. One of the most important factors that you need to consider before choosing your second language is its popularity. Look for the most spoken languages in the world, and according to your purpose of learning, choose among that very set of languages.


Language learning is a profitable investment to make, as you get entitled to a lot of cognitive benefits as you indulge in the process. So are you excited to learn a new language? Set your objective, gather your resources and get going!

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