Learning a foreign language is a whole new experience, that can be tough at times and exciting at others; not only making you proficient in the language but also opening tons of opportunities for you. The German language is one of the most sought-after languages in India, because of its advantageous arenas that it discloses for its learners.

Here are some fascinating facts about the German language:

  • German is a pluricentric language, with countries having their own unique versions of speaking German. People in Austria speak Austrian German; people in Switzerland speak Swiss German, and so on.
  • While we have two forms of Genders in English namely masculine and feminine, German has a third form of Gender called the Neuter Gender.
  • Both English and German are the heirs of the West Germanic family, making more than half of their vocabulary exactly similar.
  • Germans use compound nouns as a part of their vocabulary to create new words. This means that there is absolute freedom to create new words through compound nouns.

We know what you must be thinking: Is learning German beneficial?

Learning the German language is optimum utilization of the money that you have spent on the course. In addition to the cognitive benefits that you earn from learning the language, the language is like an enhancement to your resume for better jobs. So whether you want to study, work or live in Germany, learning German will always give you an edge over others.

In order to learn the language in the most effective way possible, you need to take up a German language course. There are a lot of institutes that offer a course in the German language, but you must be careful to select the best one for you. So look out for the following tips to help you select the right German language course for you:

Mark your reason

Firstly, ask yourself, why do you want to learn German? Is it to study in Germany? Or is it to work in Germany? Or do you want to be a citizen of Germany? Well, to work in Germany, the minimum level of German that you need is the B1 level. Though the higher the level you achieve, the better is the motto, look for what reason do you need to learn German, and then choose. For living in Germany, the minimum level is B1 as well. When you are studying in Germany and taking up a degree the language of which is German, you need to have a good C1 level degree of the German language. So see what your choices are, and then opt for a course till that very level of the language that you wish to learn.

The duration of the course

There are institutes that offer courses classified as those on weekdays and the ones on weekends. If you are busy on weekdays, opt for a weekend course. Also, there is a huge gap in the duration in which these weekday and weekend classes are conducted. Though the weekday course takes about two months for each level, the weekend batches stretch up to three months to learn a particular course. So choose accordingly.

Check the affiliation

When you look for a German language course, check the institute that you have opted for is affiliated with the concerned official authority that conducts the exam like the Goethe Institut Zertifikat. There are German language schools that have ties with universities in Germany to help you, along with collaborations that promote international cultural exchange.


As you look for the best German language course in Delhi from a list of options, the first thing that you need to compare is the costs. See whether the costs are inclusive of GST or not, and look for the institute that gives you the best mix of knowledge and price.

Review the reviews

Testimonials are the best way to judge a company or an institution’s capability, its efficiency and its flexibility. Look for the testimonial section of the institute that provides a German language course to look what’s behind the rosy picture of it. Good reviews mean that your learning will be fruitful by taking up that very German language course.


In addition to the above factors, always look for the educational qualifications of the faculty that will be your instructor for the course, and then finalize it with the concerned institute or German language school. Follow these tips and learn the German language with utmost ease and the right guidance.

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