What is the Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language: the Ultimate Guide

learn foreign language

Are you ready to learn the language of your choice, but don’t know how to go about it? Gone are the days when hard work was the primary source of success in whatever you did, it’s the era of smart work, and we’re here to help you do just that. There are languages that offer you money and freedom.

Well, if you are a beginner and want to learn a foreign language, then here are some tips to help you study and learn it the right way.


When you first decide to learn a foreign language as your second language, ask yourself certain questions, to define your objective of learning the language.

  • Why am I learning the language? Is it to pursue education abroad? Or is it to enhance my profile and my scope of work?
  • How much time do I have? Is there an exam that I need to appear for?
  • What are the language skills that I need the most: Speaking, listening or reading?

Choose from the five most widely spoken languages in Europe, as the chosen language will help you grab better opportunities in terms of education, career and even travel.


To be able to learn the language of your choice, you need to look for the best learning methods and the most effective learning material. Follow the following tips:

Find a teacher

For instance, you want to learn the German language. Now to have better guidance at the language, you need a professional who can guide you through the basics of the language. For that, you will have to enroll in some German classes in cp Delhi.

Discover your style of learning

There are four major learning styles: audio, visual, tactile and kinesthetic. Find as to what style of learning suits you best, as per your ability and grasping power, and incorporate that learning style into the process of learning the foreign language.

Select the material as per your learning style

When you have your preferred learning style with you, look for materials that perfectly complement it.

  • If your preferred style if visual, read books, newspapers and make use of flashcards to learn new words.
  • If your preferred style is auditory, listen to foreign music and radio.
  • If your preferred style of kinesthetic, take notes, play games, and draw diagrams.


The vocabulary is the heart of any language, whereas grammar is the brain. When you begin, focus on mastering the vocabulary instead of the grammar.

Learn like a child

To learn new words, you need to learn like a kindergarten kid, as you are new to the language too! Pick out children story books to read from, as they are a great source to learn the words which are commonly found in any normal conversation regarding that particular language.

Learn the common words first

As you begin with your vocabulary building process, you need to learn the common words first. Do a Google search for the list of the most common words in reference to the language that you are learning, and you’re sorted!


To be able to learn the language and attain proficiency in the same, immerse yourself fully in the learning process.

  • Read books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and tabloids to enhance your reading style and also get familiar with new words, thus building your vocabulary.
  • Watch videos, movies, and news in the foreign language. This will help you get hold of the accent of the language of the language that you’re language, thus helping you to sound like a native.
  • Listen to songs, podcasts, radio and new to get a better idea about the language, thereby enhancing your listening skills.
  • Talk to natives or people who are fluent in the language that you’re learning, and gain insights about the same form, their past experiences. This will also help you catch up with the accent and speaking style of the particular language.


Make sure that whatever you’re learning doesn’t slip out of your mind. For that, measure your progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Test yourself through the reading speed and vocabulary through online tests and quizzes. Don’t stop right there. Move out of your comfort zone and gain confidence by ordering food at a restaurant, talking to tourists, and engaging in meaningful conversations.


Now that you have these tips with you, you need not go the haphazard way of learning a foreign language. So follow these tips and attain proficiency and perfection in the language of your choice.

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